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Make Your Child's Transition Into Preschool Easier With These Quick Tips

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Starting preschool can be intimidating for many children because they are anxious about being alone without their parents and about being around new people. There are things that you can do to help your child feel more comfortable with their new adventure into preschool though. The following guide walks you through a few ways to make the transition from home to preschool easier for your child.

Go for a Tour

In order to make your child more comfortable with his or her new environment, take them for a tour of the preschool where they will be attending. He or she will be able to see the playground, the classroom, and the many fun things they will be able to play with and do throughout the day while they are at the school. Seeing that they will be able to have fun while they are there may make your child feel more relaxed about their transition.

Let Your Child Make Decisions

Take the time to allow your child to choose some things that have to do with preschool on their own. Let them choose the outfit they will wear on the first day, the backpack they will carry, and the food that they will eat for lunch. Being in control of some aspects of their transition will make them feel like they are making the choice to go to preschool rather than being forced to go.

Have an Early Bedtime

Your child needs to have plenty of sleep in order to be able to properly process the change that is going to take place for them during their transition into preschool. Ample sleep ensures your child is well rested and ready to tackle anything that comes along throughout the day.

Create Consistency

Be sure to be consistent when it comes to dropping off and picking up your child. You want them to feel secure that you will come back when you say you will be back. If you pick them up early the first few days of them being in preschool, it will set a precedent for them that will be hard for them to understand. Be sure to always come to pick your child off at the same time every day and drop them off quickly and efficiently. Lingering to chit chat can make your child anxious because they will get comfortable with you being in the classroom only to have to see you leave.

These simple tips can really improve your child's overall transition into preschool. They will feel safe, confident, and knowledgeable about what to expect while they are at preschool so that nothing seems scary or unexpected to them.  For more information, visit http://www.kidscountry.net.