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Reading Tips For Parents Of Preschool Kids

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Seeing your child go off to preschool for the first time is a major milestone in the life of every parent. But as your child begins his or her education, you, as a parent, will likely have to take on additional responsibility. Your child's school might encourage you to actively read stories your kid on a regular basis. Most parents are already reading books with their kids even before preschool begins, but it's important to keep up with this routine if you want to give your child an advantage at school. To that end, here are some reading tips that might help you keep your preschooler interested.

Make It Sound Fun

At some point, your child might start getting tired of all of the learning that is going on. If you want to keep your child engaged, you have to act excited about it yourself. If they can see that you are dreading having to read their favorite book for the 20th time, it might end up changing the child's opinion as well. Act enthused whenever your child asks you to read to them or when you go up to them to initiate the activity. Keep a fun tone in your voice during the reading or use different voices for different characters if you are feeling bold.

Ask Your Child Questions

When reading to your child, don't just flip from one page to the next in a hurry to get it over with. Linger on each page and ask your child if he or she has any questions. If the story you are reading has a particular morale, ask your child what they think and then gently redirect them if there is a specific lesson to learn that they are not yet picking up on their own.

Focus on Building Their Vocabulary

If you encounter a new word during a book that you don't believe your child has seen before, take time to go over it again and again. This is also where asking questions can be helpful. If your child doesn't know a specific word, read the word in the book but then use the word again in an original sentence. Try to get your child to say the word back to you a few times until they understand it.

As your child goes off to preschool, you'll want to take a greater role in helping them get through their reading assignments. Talk to your local preschool today for more best practices.