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5 Essentials To Send With Your Baby To Daycare

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If you're preparing to start sending your baby to daycare, you might have diligently done your research to find a childcare facility. Now, you might be worried and stressed out about making sure that everything goes well. Packing the right items to send along with your baby to daycare can help you make sure that everything goes smoothly. These are some of the essentials that you shouldn't forget to pack when preparing to drop your little one off at a childcare facility.

1. Extra Diapers and Wipes

Most daycare facilities will require you to send your own diapers and wipes. When packing diapers, err on the side of caution, and pack more diapers than you think the daycare workers will need. It's always better to have a few extras in the bag than for the daycare to call and say that they have run out of diapers. Don't forget to send a container of wipes, too.

2. A Change of Clothes

As you probably already know, babies can get messy. It's smart to pack an extra outfit or two in your diaper bag. You should also send along a few bibs. Make sure that all clothing or other items are labeled with your little one's name. It's easy for items to get mixed up in a busy daycare center, but labeling your little one's clothing will help you make sure that nothing goes missing.

3. A Few Pacifiers

Your baby might have a preferred brand and type of pacifier. Consider adding an extra pacifier or two in your diaper bag. Then, if your little one's pacifier is missing, you don't have to worry about your little one having a meltdown.

4. Formula and Baby Food

Again, most daycare facilities do require parents to send their own formula, cereal, and baby food. If you breastfeed, you can pump your breastmilk and send it in a bag. If you prefer store-bought formula, you can purchase your little one's favorite brand. Write your baby's name on any bags or cans of formula, jars of baby food, or boxes of baby cereal. You can also send along labeled snacks.

5. A Favorite Toy

Your little one might require some comforting while at daycare, particularly if he or she is not used to being away from home. It's not a bad idea to send along a favorite stuffed animal or toy to help comfort your son or daughter and to provide him or her with entertainment.

As a parent, you'll need to make sure that your little one is prepared for daycare. Luckily, sending along these essentials can help you ensure that your little one is prepared and well cared for while at daycare.