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Advantages Of Your Child's Daycare Having No Set Naptime

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Naptime is an important part of the day for many children, which means that it's often a fixture at daycares. Different daycares have different approaches to naptime. At some, there will be a set naptime every day — for example, from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. every afternoon. Other daycares don't have a set naptime, which means that a child is free to go to a designated area and have a nap whenever he or she wishes. If the daycare that you're considering uses the latter method, here are some advantages for your child.

A Chance To Catch Up On Sleep

No set naptime means that your child will have a good opportunity to catch up on sleep if he or she needs it. Children require a lot of sleep, and your child may be tired if he or she didn't sleep well the night before. It can be difficult for your child to get up at the end of a designated naptime if he or she is still sleepy and in need of rest. However, when the daycare doesn't use a set naptime, your child will be able to sleep as much as he or she needs.

Ability To Sleep When Needed

It's nice to know that when your child needs to sleep, he or she will be free to do so. In an environment with a set naptime, your child may have to wait a few hours before he or she can lie down. For example, if the child is groggy and in need of sleep at 10 a.m., but naptime isn't for a few more hours, this can be a difficult period for your child. He or she may not get the most out of the daycare's activities that day because of fatigue. You'll be happy that the daycare staff can help your child get ready for a nap at any time.

Fewer Disciplinary Problems

Children can behave in a number of ways when they're tired, but being cranky is often an outcome. If your child is tired and begins to act out, he or she may ruin some activities for the other children. Similarly, another child who is tired may be a nuisance to your son or daughter. It's ideal when a daycare can keep discipline issues to a minimum, and a good way to do so is by having no set naptime. Any child who begins to act in a manner that suggests he or she is tired can simply go to sleep.